January 4, 2013

Can developer do a Sushi? Yes :)

Hello everybody, today I want to show you that developers can do more than only develop software.
I'm going to show you step-by-step solution about how to do a sushi and what do we need for that.

I'm junior sushi-developer and some of these cooking-steps are not perfect (as in original Japan cooking..).

In this article I'm going to describe how to do some custom-sushi roll from that stuff which I found in my fridge. If you want to do such rolls like California, Philadelphia and other - the whole receipt will be the same but only with different ingredients.


  1. Ingredients overview.
  2. Cooking rice.
  3. Cooking Tomago (Japanese sweet egg omelet).
  4. Prepare sushi filling.
  5. Make a sushi roll.
  6. Cut a roll.
  7. Results.

*Be careful, a lot of photos...